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Friday, March 27, 2009

Sabbatical anyone?

On sabbatical.

That's how I feel like on sabbatical...just relax, learn new things like sewing (hmmm ade patience ke?), swimming (sumthing i need to learn many years ago..floating je reti *sigh*), travelling (badly needed) etc etc...but dun have the luxury to do that...maybe someday...WHEN i'm filthy rich and burn out from too much work etc etc kot ;)

Anyways, lately sibuk flip wedding mags sebab ade banyak bersepah kat umah ni...nak plan for my wedding rase mcm too early pulak..dun wanna jinx it...tapi macam best je..berangan nak this and that...hehe..

Theme: Modern English

Size: Small and intimate (250 guests...hehe boleh ke?)

Venue: Mosque (nikah & small kenduri je)

Colour: All White, with a tinge of pink, lilac, and maybe even blue (hmmm cantek)

Anyways, bowhring nye ari ni...tatau nak buat ape besides daydreaming...was browsing thru facebook tadi...seronoknye tengok other people enjoing their jobs...wondering when yours truly will be bestowed with that kind of blessing...uurrgghh depressed! time will come..someday..insyaAllah..okay, moving on..

Lemme tell you about that interview I had recently...with the GM of Human Resource in that company...lady boss..very sophisticated. Age is hard to guess..sbb die heavy smoker...the first thing i saw when i went inside the room is the family pictures lining up neatly on the cupboards and then..the ashtray...ade about 4-5 cigarette butts...baru pukul 10.30am babe...anyways after asking me some questions while lighting up a cigarette, she took a phone call from some Dato' so i took that chance to look around and to check her out hehehe (suke tgk die)...hard to hazard a guess on her frm the baby pic on her desk (xkan anak die kot kan.hmm..) i would say coming to her 50s...overseas graduate maybe (speak with a tinge of accent)..obsessive-compulsive (sbb die asik la nak betulkan susunan barang atas meja) extra attention to details (from the arrangement of her photo frames, documents, her slick hairstyle, polished nails, etc), family oriented, workaholic (from the half finished tray of Diet Coke and one opened can that she sipped every few minutes..recipe for disaster *shivers*), have a firm standpoint (from the teleconv) a way she reminds me of my ex boss, Mr H...ahhh rindunye the good (and bad..) ol' days! Lets not go down memory lane.

Lets talk about this great singer instead, Aizat. I went to see my bf recently, bapak die sibuk soh we all dengar lagu baru Aizat, which i have yet to listen...SANGAT BEST ok...titled "Pergi" i've been informed it is the BM version of ori. song called "I Go"..check it out kat youtube...mak die ade post...dun forget to buy the new album okies (tp...i xtau kuar bile)'s bound to blow you away...chewah! (ayat nak jadi menantu uncle amdan..hehehe)

Okayla...enuf with the ramblings...sebenarnye xtau ape nak tulis...saje nak update gak sbb dah lame xupdate...bile start keje baru tu xde mase nak bersocial ;p now baru boleh.

Till my next posting...ohh nanti i update some of the pixxies from my sis' wedding yea...have a great day!