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Friday, March 19, 2010

My current reading pleasure...

I'm reading a new book. Started it last weekend but still haven't get through the 1st chapter. Too caught up with work. And I tried reading it at night tapi buku yg bace saye...huuuu~ sleep comes too easily these days. Do u know that human beings need an average 10-15 mins of tossing and turning before actually sleep? If you are the type that goes to lala land immediately after your head touches the pillow, then you are sleep deprived. Like me...hahaha never thought I'd be in that category! ;p

Anyways, my book is called "Don't Be Sad"...a translation of the book written in Arabic, "La Tahzan"...i first heard about it when i was going through a rough time mid last year. A friend suggested it to me. That same friend forwarded me the e-book version. I dunno bout you guys, but I never liked reading ebook...saket mata kot...adehhh...luckily, my friend Amir have a copy of the book and lend it to me last week [thanks Amir!]. So far I love what I've read...can hardly wait to finish the whole book...just needed to find the time to finish it all up. I highly recommend that you guys read it. It gives a new perspective on how you should approach your life [chewahh...padahal 1st chapter pun x habes lagi..haha]

I dunno when i'll finish reading the book...terlalu penat la lately...and this weekend will be dedicated solely to my girl, Mimie. Anything you wanna do babe, I'm all game! [and yes i know babe, he's a big time A-hole] adehhhh laa...ok folks, need to go back to work...rase macam nak balik on time today...then i can go pick Mama up and straight to see Mimie...perhaps later I'll be able to finish up the book...*sigh*

~ Pwincess ~

Friday, March 12, 2010

How Time Flies~

Do u realize how time passes us by too fast? Dulu mase kecik2 rase laaammmmeee nye nak balik rumah from Sekolah Agama..sampai kena ponteng2...heeee [tapi saye budak baik..ponteng sekolah ikut main gate ye..xde lalu semak2 nih...haha]

The SPM result was out yesterday. Reminding me of the years spent in academic institutions...wahhh ayat classic...hehe...i didn't really enjoy my high school days...except meeting my girls, Teacher Hazana n Pn Sneha Nair, the scandals we caused..all those crazyh stuff..part belajar2 tu i xberapa nak ingat sbb xbrape nak pandai...muahaha..saye suke subject English sbb boleh buat karangan panjang and, geography and biology...hmmm and history. Hates Physics..haha.

Nyways, college years sgt menareks...the ups and downs...and meeting a certain someone..[I'll always be grateful for that, despite what we're going through] and make new friends..gaduh dgn assistant Dean/Dean/VP pasal office politics...hehehe..I missed those times...coz back then the major issues we faced are peanuts compared to now...assignment x siap la..baju ape nak pakai esok..buat script and acting in plays..exams..denda sebab sneaked out from campus gi celebrate new year at KLCC...muahaha those were the days...

To those who will be embarking on college years I bid you good luck...enjoy it while it lasts coz it sure is 1000 times sweeter than working life...hahaha

ok ngarut dah. nak rest mata jap...dah kering dr pagi dok ngadap PC ni [padahal buat benda merapu..bukannye wat keje pun...huhuuu~]

~ Pwincess ~

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Oscars!

Ahhhhh how i love the Oscars! heee This year I rooted for Avatar to win best picture and Sandra Bullock, Best Actress...[dun pretty much care for any other categories...muahahaha] Annyyywaaayyyy, Avatar didn't win Best Picture but it snagged 3 awards that cinematography, best art direction and best visual effects. The movie Hurt Locker won the award for best picture...a story based on Iraq War...hmmm harus tengok nih...i suke movie ganas2..heee. Best director is won by Katheryn Bigelow, the ex wife of James gile kalahkan your ex husband in front of millions of TV viewer kan! heee [and Katheryn sgt hot walaupun dah 58 years old! sweet!]

The Blind Side: I watched the movie at Mama's house during one of our Fri Nite gatherings...the girls was bz talking about vacay [as usual]...and i was tired of listening to all the plans...asik2 masuk topik lain then balik semula ke vacay sampai lost track of the conversation...hahaha so, i shifted my focus on the movie...sgt best ok! i bg 5/5 stars....shining2 lagik...I have always loved Sandra Bullock...she's very spontaneous in her acting and so funny...haha...tapi dalam citer Blind Side nih die punye character sgt best. The movie was based on a true story about this Touhy family who took a black boy into the family and treat him like one of their ni sgt kaya...husband die ex NFL player ke hape ntah...and the whole family likes to sit together in front of the TV and watched football games....and then there was this boy Michael Oher had to endure all the hardships any young boy shouldn't have. He went to the same fancy schools as the Touhy kids. To cut the story short, Leigh Anne Touhy played by Sandra Bullock took pity on Michael and took him into the family. One day at a football practise she saw the potential of a great football player in Micheal and the whole story gile citer ni...but what intrigued me the most is the character played by Sandra Bullock...the mother hen as another way to put she kept the family together and accept Michael without any prejudices. Now that's a woman I would like to guys should see the movie and then you'll understand what I mean.

Haaaa kan dah melalut...ok back to the Oscars...Sandra Bullock sgt cantek and die punye acceptance speech is so funny and touching at the same time [nape la artis kat Malaysia ni xleh nak bagi acceptance speech yg membina mcm Hollywood stars kan..hmmm~ they should all learn how..] Sandra Bullock was dressed in a bbbeeeaaauuutttiiifffuuulllll Marchesa gold embroided and beaded gown...with minimal accessories but her make up is soooo the hot pink lipstick okeh...hehehe comelsss...tapi this year's Oscars red carpets are not as fun to watch as they're missing some key person who makes it so exciting...Nicole Kidman did not attend, Angeline jolie n Brad Pitt awal2 dah cakap tamau dtg..Tom Cruise pun xde...hmmmm Charlize Theron pakai baju x cantek...tapi Cameron Diaz cun...hehee below are some of the pics from Oscars' red carpet...enjoy!

The Winner!

The rest of the contenders

Cameron Diaz [typical Oscar de la Renta]

Queen Latifah [loves the colour]

Rachel Mc Adams [unique! in Elie Saab]

Demi Moore [in Atelier the colour]

Anna Kendrick [another Vercase number..loves the lace at the bottom..sexyh!]

Kate Winslet [looks like a statue kan...]

Katheryn Bigelow [the 1st woman to win Best Director hat's off to you]

Elizabeth Banks [another Versace number...typical kan...tapi canteksss!]

Charlize Theron [pelik ok baju die...but i bet the guys wouldn't mind sniffing at the roses heee]

Zoe Saldana [another weird one...but i kinda like it...unique and funky...tapi mcm batu karang pun ade jugak kan...muahahaha]

Ok la...itu je...malas nak upload2 gmbr lagi...hehe...bawak2 la buat keje farina oiiiii...heee
back to work..yeay!

Take care kids!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Something to savour.

A dedication to all my friends...wherever you are..


In the road of life, u steer me past the detours, potholes, and red lights.
The world is a better place because you're in it.
A million thanks.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nak Potong Rambut!

Lately ni sgt la panas...windu zaman2 rambut pendek @ college dulu...tapi tu pendek sgt kot...hahaha...

Saye plan nak potong rambut camni...mcm comelssss....Amy Adams in Julie and Julia...Citer die pun amy adams...lemah lembut...nak jadi lemah lembut cam die [erkk dah obsess dgn org lemah lembut...huhuuu~]

Ok la saje ngarut...ari ni xde mood nak keje sbb boss pun takde walaupun keje saye banyak...tengah haaaannngggiiiinnnnn dengan partner sbb because of dorang yg x prepare for meeting saye kena tggu sampai kul 6pm nak bermeeting dgn Mr TYT, my AGM...adehhhh!!!! panas berangan nak balik awal tau...[ok2...coollll dddooowwwnnn fufufufufufufu~ tiba2 nak marah plak...heeee]

ok..plan for the potong rambut kat saloon mama slalu pegi kat Melawati tu...die potong cantek...xsenget benget bile rambut dah panjang...

Till my next post...chalos!


~ Pwincess ~

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Luncheon: Indian Food @ Bangsar

Hari Ini Hari Selasa 02/03/2010. Saye telah 'menerai' Indian Vegetarian Food for the 1st time in my life.

Venue: Saravan Bhavan @ Jalan Telawi, Bangsar.
Result: Very gasy! fuhhhh~ angin kluar dr badan berdesus2...muahahaa hebat tol penangan makanan dorang nih...

I find that Indian vegetarian food is not my cup of tea...xminat sgt tasted funny in the mouth and tummy...i ordered a plate of Mushroom Briyani that comes together with the dish called "baingan bartha"...some sort of weird looking curry...sgt pekat okeh..and saye xsuke..huhuuu~ so, i curik siket some of Filzah's curry consists of cottage cheese and some Indian spices...haaaa seb baek yg ini sedap...i was able to finish my dish tapi alaaahaaaiii dugaan betol...huhuuu~

Fiza and most of my colleagues ordered Saravana specialties and Banana Leaf dish which was served on curry leaf...gile traditional babe! heeee their dishes consist of various lauk pauk in small quantity...tapi sume mcm pelik2...muahaha and they also taste funny lah...and not only that...air die pun ade yg pelik2...haha adehhh laaa tak minat saye..huhuuu~ i dunno..some people might like them tapi definitely not for me.

Anyways, attached are some pics for your viewing...heee

The restaurant [sorry lupe nak amek gmbr luar die..]

The various types of menu:
Yg ni Great Wall...chinese vegetarian food...tiba2 menyelit kat Indian restaurant...1 Malaysia la kot..hee

Sebut betul betulllll...hahaha

Here's the funny one...lawak2 heee dosa makan nih..

Ni rupenye...terbalik plak...nak tengok kena pusingkan PC ye..

Posing with Fiza's order heee meriah kannnn [tapi xseeedaappp huuu~]

Tuan punye makanan...heee

ok...this is mine...huhuuu bland kan...

Drinking from cawan sakti...hahaha i suke tengok cawan die..menareksss!

Air yg sgt die hape ntah..badam gheer kot...badam yg di blend+rase ginger...errrkkkhhh...even weirder than my ex colleague's June's grass drink yg bau die sebijik mcm rumput lepas potong..haha

yg ni pun pelik gilosss rase die...Masala Tea...rase the tanginess of fresh cow's milk...erkkkhhhh!!

Conclusion: The 1st and the last time la saye makan benda2 pelik offense to those who are into this type of food yeah...xsesuwai dgn selera tekak saye *bbbuuuurrrpppppp* huhuuu~

Till my next post on Jalan2 Cari Makan :) daaaa~

~ Pwincess ~

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mama's Getting Married

2 nights ago I suddenly felt so so so sad I texted a sad sad message to my girls [typical me, the drama queen haha] so yesterday we all went out for lunch at this Siamese restaurant at Damansara called Thai Base Restaurant [highly recommended]. The foods, drinks, dessert sume la...superb gile! I recommend you to order in Small portions...sebab yg small pun banyak okeh...i ended up finishing some of the girl's rice and all the dishes...[bukan nak makan banyak tapi terpaksa sbb takot membazzzziiirrrr...heee org yg membazir kan sahabat syaitonnnnn hahaha] nnti bile free i update this post with the pic of the dishes [1 je pun gmbr die..haha amek semata2 nak wat Ija jeles sbb die malas nak ikut] ok dah upload gmbr makanan...for 5 pax+drinks = rm kannnnn?? [leh pulak wat iklan kat sini...heee]

Anyways, over lunch my best friend Mama [short for Mama Godzilla...forgot how that name came about coz it didnt come from me as per usual case heee] announced that she's getting married next year. Eventho it's 1 year from now but coming from her, it's like casted in stones already. We all gave her a mixed reactions at first, after like 30 secs baru kitorang excited...kesian gile tengok die..hahaha...below is the scene:

In the midst of scanning the menu
Mama: korang, next year ade plan nak kawen ke?
We all stopped and stared at her [muka masing2 xleh bla mase ni..haha]
Wawa: Owh?
Me: Shit!
Ayu: Shit!
Shasha: LOL lawak weh muka korang
Mama: here goes...aku plan nak kawen next year...plan je la...aritu borak2 dgn Am, out of the blue die kate "nak kawen x next year"...i was like "okay...lets"...then balik bgtau my parents..mak aku mmg super excited la sbb die dah sibuk dok tanye lately ni sbb anak2 kawan die dah start kawen kot...and pagi ni die bukak pintu bilik aku mase aku tengah nyenyak tdo and cakap "Awa kamu kawen March la" and bang the door. hahaha [gelak awkward sbb kitorang sume senyap]

At this point barula kitorang sume bersuara sbb die chatted continuously [so unlike mama] sbb x expect kitorang bg reaction yg sgt x positive kot...hahahaha

Wawa: congrats! bestnye...excited..jom gi Bandung lagi utk wedding kau
Me: yea yea lets...aku check tix okeh..bestnye! then ajak mak kau shopping same tapi erkkk sure bapak kau pun ade kan...and kalau bapak kau ade sure the boys pun ikut same kan...adehhh mcm nyibuk plak kacau family vacay korang
Mama: Eh xpe...demi korang aku sanggup belanja adik2 aku PSP baru so that dorang boleh dok diam2 dalam bilik hotel men binatang tu...wawa, nnti kau nak gi Hong Kong aku nak kirim ok
Ayu: ohhhh best best...pastu kite set theme, barang ape nak beli
Wawa: haaa nnti aku gi Hong Kong...leh gak beli some of your wedding gifts kat sane...nnti aku check ape yg menareks...weh, korang realized x td muka sowang2 mcm hampeh...kesian mama *LOL*

And so the discussion gile plan wedding nih...tapi sedih jugak sbb feel like losing our best friend...huhuuuu~ macam Sara x sedih sgt sbb die mmg start die berchenta die dah lupakan kitorang siket siket sbb die mmg set la dunia die dgn bf die tu je [now hubby] ehhh terasa kejam pulak statement tu...hahaha it's just that Mama and me ade this special bond..we're closest to each other than we do with any of the girls [eh betol ke ayat ni..mcm grammatically incorrect je heee] just like Ija closest to Ayu, and Wawa closest to Mimie...hmmmm

Whateves la Farina...yg penting she's happy and I'm gonna start writing my maid of honor's speech yg super sedih sbb Am is taking away a big chunck of my heart when they marry[hahahahaha adehhhh la~] ok cukup la...nak gi habeskan wat laundry...sat lagi nak kuar...

from left: Wawa, Mama [the bride to be huhuu~], Ayu, Shasha, Me, Ija

~ Pwincess, the drama queen ~

Friday, February 19, 2010

It's Friday!

Woke up late again today. Actually I woke up at 5am sbb Baby masuk bilik meow meow [saye lupe tutup pintu saye semlm...ting tong sangat] then i couldn't go back to sleep.

Started texting a number of people. Hahaha sesape yg dapat text xmasuk akal tu harap maaf yea [sbb sent item pun i dah delete dalam mamai's awhmazing how the human mind works kan...] I think I fell asleep again at almost 6am and woke up at 7.35am! weeehhhoooo~ hahaha terkezut okeh. Left home for office at 8am...around the same time jiran saye, Adik kuar rumah. He looked super smart today [suprisingly]...and drive like he's being chased by a ghost...siap potong memotong dgn saye @ Duke Highway tu. Hmm~

Anyways, memandangkan jalan x jam sbb sume org bercuti2 lagi...i reached office @ 8.32. am. Punch merah gak for 2 consecutive weeks. Heeee br habes meeting nih...bowhring tol..but i'm finally getting the hang of my roles and responsibilities as Project Manager, albeit a bit late..haha

In conclusion, despite my overindulgence last nite, today things are starting to get better. And I'm starting to feel better. No more dizziness and sore throat. This weekend I can rest and relax and get 'high' some more. haha

Lari topik jap...bukak rizalman punye blog...fall in love with this one. L.O.V.E the colour! heee

Enjoy peeps! :)

~ Pwincess~

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Musing 1.0

Bowhring sungguh today...

Thinking about life in general.
Going to be 27 t
his year. What have I achieved?
Baru nak kick start my career. Wondering if this is THE job for me.
You know i have this diary where i jot down all my dreams.
Started it when I was 19 i think. Dah lame x bukak.
Maybe it's a good idea to browse thru now and refresh again.
Takut nak bukak
sebenarnye..sbb byk dreams kat dalam tu.
Feel like I'm failing in most categories.

I had such high hopes for career and personal life.
The former mcm dah nak stable, the later is crumbling down piece by piece.
Tu pasal la xleh berhenti berfikir. tick tock tick tock.

ok la. Back to work. Have to prepare for a meeting at 2.30pm.
Feels like I'm a lousy Project Manager la. Hmmm.

Thinking about my Irish deal a lot lately.
Weighing the option. haha takut tak?

Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm back peeps!


Saye dah kembali ke KL! [actually almost 2 weeks dah hehe]. Back from where you may ask. Back from Marang, Terengganu! I was sent for training there for 3 weeks...sgt la bowhsan okeh! Mase I nak pegi sume org kate best best...tapi bile dah sampai sane...tuhan je la yg tau betapa bosannye tempat tu...huhuuu~ Initially, i was excited to go there sbb the last time I set foot in Terengganu was more or less 15 years ago. Lame kannnnn?? Itu pun singgah tido for one night...we were on our way to Kelantan to attend the wedding of my uncle in Kota Bharu. I remembered we stayed in a hotel near the sea...sgt best n cantek! tapi xpenah tau la plak name parents pun dah lupe. So, that was 15 years ago. My uncle pun dah cerai and kawen lain...hahaha..

Anyways, I was really looking forward to enjoying myself there but was sorely dissapointed. Xde ape pun kat sane and training SUCKS! HUHUUU~ Plus, takleh nak berpoya2 kat Pulau Kapas [which is quite near...boleh tengok from tepi pantai tuh!] sbb it was Monsoon season! Our training centre is located @ Rusila...tempat Ustaz Hj Hadi Awang...ingat ade la chance nak jumpe tapi every time die ade we all tak lepak plak kat pantai tuh...hmmm...Rusila tu xmembangun sgt la...but then again, bile pegi KT pun xde la membangun sgt pun...a pity sbb negeri dorang mcm byk je tempat2 menariksss. The only thing yg best kat sane is the beach...walaupun x cantek sgt area die but i love beaches! So, bile ade free time we will walk down to the beach which is 20 minutes complaints here coz that was probably the only 'heavy' exercise we did over there...owh and plus climbing the stairs 13th storey height..muahahaha sbb a) lift rosak b) Q panjang sbb 187 org kena share 1 lift...gile sengal! huhuu However, the only consolation is the place is very windy sbb atas bukit...fresh air...bilik share dgn azah...annnnndddd ade aiskrim goreng!!! super sedap okay...should you get the chance to go to Terengganu, do try the dish...saye sangat suke and azah meroyan kalau x makan more than 3x in a week haha! [actually I heard kat KL pun ade jugak...kena carik nih!]

I've attached some photos for you to see [courtesy of Fauzi!]. Enjoy!

TM Training Centre, Marang.

View from the top...very windy!

2nd day @ Marang

Geng ber8...heee [from left: Pejo from GEMS Setiu, Nuar, Maskur, Suha, Joein, Me, Azah..and erkk fauzi tukang amek gambar!]

Official v
isit to TM Exchange and jalan2 @ KT

In front of the palace! Ohhh I loike! :)

The day we're all dressed up for official photo...heee dressed up la sgt..

Choir Practice for Gala Dinner

Vocal Teacher, Ms Puts [right] and Penghuluwati [left]

The Big Nite [konon]

Group Performance

The after party

The final days...

sunrise...[ermmm...xde gmbr saye sbb saye sdg berguling atas katil heheee]

Bunguks...hahaha hindustan habes Pejo..

Gayish!!! haha

Bubbye beach...we'll be missing you...

So, okay peeps! byk dah gmbr...
Till my next post...take care! Muaxxx