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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Oscars!

Ahhhhh how i love the Oscars! heee This year I rooted for Avatar to win best picture and Sandra Bullock, Best Actress...[dun pretty much care for any other categories...muahahaha] Annyyywaaayyyy, Avatar didn't win Best Picture but it snagged 3 awards that cinematography, best art direction and best visual effects. The movie Hurt Locker won the award for best picture...a story based on Iraq War...hmmm harus tengok nih...i suke movie ganas2..heee. Best director is won by Katheryn Bigelow, the ex wife of James gile kalahkan your ex husband in front of millions of TV viewer kan! heee [and Katheryn sgt hot walaupun dah 58 years old! sweet!]

The Blind Side: I watched the movie at Mama's house during one of our Fri Nite gatherings...the girls was bz talking about vacay [as usual]...and i was tired of listening to all the plans...asik2 masuk topik lain then balik semula ke vacay sampai lost track of the conversation...hahaha so, i shifted my focus on the movie...sgt best ok! i bg 5/5 stars....shining2 lagik...I have always loved Sandra Bullock...she's very spontaneous in her acting and so funny...haha...tapi dalam citer Blind Side nih die punye character sgt best. The movie was based on a true story about this Touhy family who took a black boy into the family and treat him like one of their ni sgt kaya...husband die ex NFL player ke hape ntah...and the whole family likes to sit together in front of the TV and watched football games....and then there was this boy Michael Oher had to endure all the hardships any young boy shouldn't have. He went to the same fancy schools as the Touhy kids. To cut the story short, Leigh Anne Touhy played by Sandra Bullock took pity on Michael and took him into the family. One day at a football practise she saw the potential of a great football player in Micheal and the whole story gile citer ni...but what intrigued me the most is the character played by Sandra Bullock...the mother hen as another way to put she kept the family together and accept Michael without any prejudices. Now that's a woman I would like to guys should see the movie and then you'll understand what I mean.

Haaaa kan dah melalut...ok back to the Oscars...Sandra Bullock sgt cantek and die punye acceptance speech is so funny and touching at the same time [nape la artis kat Malaysia ni xleh nak bagi acceptance speech yg membina mcm Hollywood stars kan..hmmm~ they should all learn how..] Sandra Bullock was dressed in a bbbeeeaaauuutttiiifffuuulllll Marchesa gold embroided and beaded gown...with minimal accessories but her make up is soooo the hot pink lipstick okeh...hehehe comelsss...tapi this year's Oscars red carpets are not as fun to watch as they're missing some key person who makes it so exciting...Nicole Kidman did not attend, Angeline jolie n Brad Pitt awal2 dah cakap tamau dtg..Tom Cruise pun xde...hmmmm Charlize Theron pakai baju x cantek...tapi Cameron Diaz cun...hehee below are some of the pics from Oscars' red carpet...enjoy!

The Winner!

The rest of the contenders

Cameron Diaz [typical Oscar de la Renta]

Queen Latifah [loves the colour]

Rachel Mc Adams [unique! in Elie Saab]

Demi Moore [in Atelier the colour]

Anna Kendrick [another Vercase number..loves the lace at the bottom..sexyh!]

Kate Winslet [looks like a statue kan...]

Katheryn Bigelow [the 1st woman to win Best Director hat's off to you]

Elizabeth Banks [another Versace number...typical kan...tapi canteksss!]

Charlize Theron [pelik ok baju die...but i bet the guys wouldn't mind sniffing at the roses heee]

Zoe Saldana [another weird one...but i kinda like it...unique and funky...tapi mcm batu karang pun ade jugak kan...muahahaha]

Ok la...itu je...malas nak upload2 gmbr lagi...hehe...bawak2 la buat keje farina oiiiii...heee
back to work..yeay!

Take care kids!

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  1. [and Farina sgt hot walaupun dah 27 years old! sweet!]