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Friday, March 12, 2010

How Time Flies~

Do u realize how time passes us by too fast? Dulu mase kecik2 rase laaammmmeee nye nak balik rumah from Sekolah Agama..sampai kena ponteng2...heeee [tapi saye budak baik..ponteng sekolah ikut main gate ye..xde lalu semak2 nih...haha]

The SPM result was out yesterday. Reminding me of the years spent in academic institutions...wahhh ayat classic...hehe...i didn't really enjoy my high school days...except meeting my girls, Teacher Hazana n Pn Sneha Nair, the scandals we caused..all those crazyh stuff..part belajar2 tu i xberapa nak ingat sbb xbrape nak pandai...muahaha..saye suke subject English sbb boleh buat karangan panjang and, geography and biology...hmmm and history. Hates Physics..haha.

Nyways, college years sgt menareks...the ups and downs...and meeting a certain someone..[I'll always be grateful for that, despite what we're going through] and make new friends..gaduh dgn assistant Dean/Dean/VP pasal office politics...hehehe..I missed those times...coz back then the major issues we faced are peanuts compared to now...assignment x siap la..baju ape nak pakai esok..buat script and acting in plays..exams..denda sebab sneaked out from campus gi celebrate new year at KLCC...muahaha those were the days...

To those who will be embarking on college years I bid you good luck...enjoy it while it lasts coz it sure is 1000 times sweeter than working life...hahaha

ok ngarut dah. nak rest mata jap...dah kering dr pagi dok ngadap PC ni [padahal buat benda merapu..bukannye wat keje pun...huhuuu~]

~ Pwincess ~


  1. rindunye USM penang, penang muahhh2...

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  3. oh gawd yesss! turned into cinderella + drama swasta melayu...*lol* gile sengal college!