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Friday, March 19, 2010

My current reading pleasure...

I'm reading a new book. Started it last weekend but still haven't get through the 1st chapter. Too caught up with work. And I tried reading it at night tapi buku yg bace saye...huuuu~ sleep comes too easily these days. Do u know that human beings need an average 10-15 mins of tossing and turning before actually sleep? If you are the type that goes to lala land immediately after your head touches the pillow, then you are sleep deprived. Like me...hahaha never thought I'd be in that category! ;p

Anyways, my book is called "Don't Be Sad"...a translation of the book written in Arabic, "La Tahzan"...i first heard about it when i was going through a rough time mid last year. A friend suggested it to me. That same friend forwarded me the e-book version. I dunno bout you guys, but I never liked reading ebook...saket mata kot...adehhh...luckily, my friend Amir have a copy of the book and lend it to me last week [thanks Amir!]. So far I love what I've read...can hardly wait to finish the whole book...just needed to find the time to finish it all up. I highly recommend that you guys read it. It gives a new perspective on how you should approach your life [chewahh...padahal 1st chapter pun x habes lagi..haha]

I dunno when i'll finish reading the book...terlalu penat la lately...and this weekend will be dedicated solely to my girl, Mimie. Anything you wanna do babe, I'm all game! [and yes i know babe, he's a big time A-hole] adehhhh laa...ok folks, need to go back to work...rase macam nak balik on time today...then i can go pick Mama up and straight to see Mimie...perhaps later I'll be able to finish up the book...*sigh*

~ Pwincess ~