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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Au revior 2009. Bienvenue 2010.

As the dawn of the new year is approaching, I bet all of us can't help but look at what we have gone through and achieved in 2009. Similarly, we get tired of looking at the long list of new year resolutions that we made and renewed year by year *wink* So for 2010, I decided to stop renewing the 2009's new year resolutions and try to be optimistic and realistic in setting up goals.


Alhamdulillah I have been blessed with a job offer from TM this year. Eventho it's on contract basis, at least I wouldn't have to go through the depression of sitting idle at home and doing the routine housewifey offense to housewives out there...i do salute your patience and diligence in doing household chores as I find them unsuitable for someone as temperamental and lazy as myself..heeee....[ni kalau "mama" bace ni kena reject..huhuuu~]

Anyways, I take this new job as a challenge and hopefully I still have the burning desire to stay in the company for a long period of time, this time. Frankly, I really am tired of switching jobs every year and I honestly find the current working arrangement and environment suit my needs [walaupun office mcm Twilite Zone =D] So, let us pray that this time it's for real. No more changing jobs.

In addition to this, I see myself being my own boss by opening up a business. I kinda have an idea in mind but lets not put it on the paper [or in this case, visual world] just yet. Let it sit for a while. Hopefully it'll ripen into something more fruitful and fantastic in the years to come. One of the many reasons why I'm interested in doing my own business is that I wanna have the flexibility of time and space so I can shift my focus to raising a family of my own. I want to be there for report cards day, sports day, soccer games etc etc. I wanna see my kids grow in front of my eyes and to not missed all those important dates in their lives [cehhhh cam byk je bil. ahli keluarga kan...heehehe] I wanna be there for them every step of the way. Also, not forgetting to my future husband, whoever you may be [rock star/Hollywood actor (ermmm Bollywood pun Dino Morea pls..heee)/entreprenuer/engineer/lawyer/doctor (with Mc Steamy/Mc Dreamy in mind...hmmm)/warewolf (pun boleyyyy ahaks)], I wanna devote myself to being a good wife [with great body shape and in great health as well *wink*] and making him happy, proud and sated [ehemm ehemmm]


To mak and abah, I promise to be a good daughter. I will try to make you proud of my achievements. I know I haven't been good to you at times, esp. this year, but I'll try to be less notty and less stubborn and less troublesome for you both...heehee and I wish I could say I'll try to fix the problems you're having with 'anak derhaka' but frankly, I'm too tired to put in more efforts than what I've been putting in now. I can only pray that he'll find his way home. safe and sound [kalau tak, toksah dok pening2...die ade anak..nnti die dapatla bahagian die. ok bye!]

To my sisters, sorry saye slalu berkasar with all of you...coz as u girls pun tau..aku memang kasar orgnye...hehehe...and that's why you love me kan kan kannnnnn~ I hope with the coming year, our bond will be stronger and I wish for us girls to find happiness [and jodoh too if that's in the wish list..haha!] but otherwise, I think we're happy just the way we are kan *wink*

Kak N & Abg Shaya, hope you'll be blessed next year with a baby or two [aku doa korang dapat twins laaa..sbb Kak N pemalas!! muahaha nak tengok how haywire your life will be bile ade 2 babies...*gelak setan* kidding!] I know you guys have been trying hard [ehem! not literally yerrr (ewww!)] and I wish you both success in that area. Keep up the good work! [erkkk...adehhh]

To Sara & Ija: Good luck in finding jobs next year...hopefully you won't have to wait long. As for your search for men [esp. Ija] jgnla cerewet sgt! Brad Pitt dah ade Angeline Jolie okeh...if nak sgt laki mata la mintak Amar no tepon Sufian tu and see if he's free to date you...muahaha good luck with that! Whatevesss~ la korang nih..

To the rest of my family members...marila bernotty bersama2 and may you'll be blessed with only good stuff in 2010. Dah senang jgn lupe bg duit kat Atuk! yeahhh!


To my best friends, the greatest friends in the whole world - Wawa, Sara, Mama, Ayu, Ija, Mimie - I love you to bits bits bits! A toast to you, foxy ladies!!

Lets vacay byk2 next year sbb tatau la bile kite akan start berkawen [minus Sara yea] and beranak pinak [minus Sara jugak]...and thank you for past, present and future. Your friendship and loyalty means so much to me all these years and hopefully we'll remain friends until the end of time! Muaaxxxx!

To the rest of my friends, old and new...saye sayang awak jugak...a lot!! Thank you for your support and encouragement...I'll forever cherish the laughter, jokes and all those moments we shared doing craaazzzzyyyhhhh stuff...A-a I wish you'll find happiness with the man you love, if not Jake, then hopefully someone better...and I wish the same for you, Fira...may all your wishes come true yeah! Cheers! To AMK and MB, I hope 2010 will be a great one for you guys...and you guys have been awesome and bloody fantastic! Wish you all the best!!


There is no particular reason for putting this at doesn't mean that this goal is less important than the others. I just feel that I am most definitely not in a good shape in mind and spirit to elaborate on this. I messed up in this area in 2009 and I dunno what words to use to describe my wish for this particular goal for 2010. All I can say is I'll try harder to mend the broken promises, frustration, anger and hurt. Hopefully things will work out well....should things did not go as planned...I wish it'll end amicably. InsyaAllah.

On top of that, I would like to apologize for all the mistakes and wrongdoings I've done in 2009 to all parties involved. I wish things could've been handled better but under those circumstances, we did not functions as we do normally. I am sorry and regretful of the outcome of my actions towards you guys and I wish deeply in my heart that I will be forgiven, if not now, then in due time. Thank you for the lessons that I otherwise wouldn't have learned. With me being me, kepala terhantuk baru boleh belajar...heee that's the true Farina in case you haven't known :p


This year I am slacking in both of these aspects...[wealth tu mmg la kannn] If asked, my parents could testify that I have always been "fit as a horse"..granted, with only occasional flu few times a year. However, this year I feel like I have been smacked right, left and centre by so many downtime...aduiyai...boleh kate every month saye sakit...since May. huhuuu...well, when u're not fit in mind, your health will deteriorate kannn...rule of the universe...sume org same...

Plus, saye rase saye dah "aged" sbb terlalu byk stress from work and other stuff as wrinkle at the bridge of the nose tu pun dah prominent...and "panda" eyes some more *sigh*...need to start taking care of my health and find the youth again....anybody knows where I can find the fountain of youth...things sure will be a hell of a lot easier if you could point me to its location...i promise i won't tell [sssshhhhhhhhh hehe] Right now I'm thinking of experimenting on all the beauty products out there...current interest is in Imedeen...berkesan kah??? sape tau?? tot of trying SK II tapi yg tu kena tggu gaji saye doublefold dulu la kot!

In terms of wealth pulak...I would like study on more fruitful investments so I can fully utilized my income [while I'm working and unmarried nih!]...I plan to buy a house by 2011 [yg ni xleh nak elaborate sbb baru nak start keje and masuk wishlist tahun depan pulak] and to try to be more consistent in finishing off my debts this year - ade 2 je pun....PTPTN n KENARI...heeee

Ok lah...penat dah buat resolutions ni [KL sgt panas btw...huhuuuu~ nak shower shower shower!!!] Hopefully, 2010 will be a great year for me and my future. I have a lot to learn next year....and thanks to a colourful 2009, I managed to experience so many things and I hope those lessons will be imbedded in my mind to look back and learn from for many more years to come.

To everyone, I wish you all the best....may wealth break into your home and heart next year with blessings from Allah S.W.T [erkkk betul ke ayat ni ntah...huhuu~] and may you find what you seek and hope and wish and pray for 2010. I love you guys despite your shortcomings [muahahaaha kidding!] and will miss your company each and every day. Yg jauh tu...pls don't be a stranger...zaman dah maju...ade tepon, ade internet reason to keep quiet je yea!! To those yg plan any invite pwincess pls!!



~ HRH Pwincess Farina ~

Monday, December 28, 2009

My 1st Poem.

hahahaha tiba2 some time last month...saye rase mcm lovey, i grabbed my phone and composed this poem...
just for fun...kalau x sedap tu lantaklah...1st try pun namenye

" Share me your dreams, I'll nurture with hope.
Tell me your fear , I'll soothe them with faith.
Give me your heart, I'll shower with love.
Love me tender, love me true.
Coz I love no other like I do you"


~ Love Love ~


Sunday, December 27, 2009

sherlock Holmes

An adaptation of the famous novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Directed by the HOT british director, Guy Richie [~loves~] Nyways, i watched the movie tonite. Overall: very entertaining. Funny with interesting plots. As predicted, Sherlock Holmes is freaking smart esp. how he deduced tiny bits and pieces of info to fit the puzzles...menariksss! =)

But somehow, saye rase the movie is lacking something...dunno about you, but i find the movie mediocre. As if it's missing a key ingredient..the 'ummphh' factor.

Next movie to watch is Avatar...dengar citer movie ni gempaq gilosss! En Wan, manager Product kat office pun suke gile citer ni...sume org kate a Must-Watch-Movie. So, i can hardly wait [walaupun saye agak scepticle about this type of movie]. Will update you with the review soon!

Okla pwincess ingin beradu sbb i plan to jog tomorrow! hee for real okeh, bukan kuak lentang atas katil like some people..heee

Nitey nite fellas!

~ loves ~

Friday, December 25, 2009

Xmas Day. Bowhring Day.

Hey ya! Xmas came again...[hahaha sejak bile excited dgn Xmas ntah..]

Nyways, sgt bowhsan saye arini...last nite tdo lambat..gossip2 dgn my twin sister, Rabbit bout my cuz...budak baru lepas kandang...TERculture shock @ college...adehhh laa...kena wat rescue mission before the parents find out ape anak die dah buat...hmmm kena ade cousins council ni...time to bring in the salvation army! Honestly, saye xde la close knit sgt dgn cousins ni...esp THAT side of the family...always manage to get on my nerves! heee tapi blood is blood...and like i said before, this year saye rase sgt sayang family saye...the whole lot of, xkira la ape mistakes yg dah jadi...they're all in the past *wink*

Ok, back to ori story...sgt bowhsan today...and tiba2 rindu nak lepak2 dgn sume sisters saye...text la my big sister Kak N and asked her to come to the house lepak...tapi die plak kena prepare for her SIL's b'day dinner...hmmm esok mlm baru leh lepak same tengok Sherlock Holmes *yippie yeay!!!*

At 5pm, sbb dah xtahan bowhsan yg melampau we all decided to gamble je pegi tengok wayang @ cineleisure, KD. Tot nak tengok Avatar sbb review sume org best je citer tu...tapi selling fast sume..huh! So, we ended up watching Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire Assistant. Slalu tengok trailer die gempaq kan main! Tapi movie die sgt mediocre plsssss! *sigh* slow and mengantoksssss! what a dissapointment :(

Now saye dah back at home. Layan kebowhsanan yg melampau. huuuu~
Plan for tomorrow:

1) Gi wedding one of my old friends, Sharul Anizah and her partner, Rizal

2) Lepaksss dgn my girls

3) Lepaksss dgn my sisters [wwwinnndddduuuuuuuuuu!!!!]

Ok. Till my next post...Take Care!!

Hug Hug,
~ Pwincess ~

Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Year.New Job.


Dear All,

I would like to announce that I have been offered the position of Assistant Manager, TM, beginning 4th Jan 2010. Finally, the wish for new year has been granted. Looks like New Year celebration came early this year ;)

Thank you soooo soooo much for all your prayers and good wishes. I couldn't have done it without the support from all of you, family and friends.

I'm estatic and excited to accept the challenge!
[chewah...padahal dah 6 bulan kat sini heee] So, time to revise my New Year Resolution *wink* [padahal br buat #1 je pun...xgerak2 lagi hee]

Wish me luck yea!! ;)

Kiss kiss,

Pwincess ~


Hmmm betul ke ayat tu ek? bedal je la...

Banyaknye couples split up skang ni..susan sarandon n tim robbins split up...shocking! they've been, forever...adessss...

Jake Gyllenhall and Reese Witherspoon pun split up...dah la dorang sgt cumilsssss plsss!

[actually, xde idea nak menulis tapi malas nak buat keje @, merepek merapu je la kat sini...]

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Tiba2 terasa sgt happy these past 2 days...kenapakah?

1) saye ade daisy cantek! [to those who haven't already know...daisy is my fave flower ;) ]

2) Will be announced in due time. tungggguuuu...heheh
e [jgn teka "nak kawen ke" sbb the answer "MEMANG TAK" mekacih]

3) saye penat dah bersedih dan bermuram, lately ni byk benda yg melanda sampai every month saye wajib sakit...huhuuuu~ tired of being tired and sick! so, suck it up farina! heee i wanna enjoy life as i want it to be ;)

Attached is the pic of my daisies...saye sgt suke!

That's all for now...

Take care everybody!


Monday, December 21, 2009

Updates from Pwincess =D

Hey everyone!

weeehoooo dah lame gile x update blog...last time was in April! yikes! heee
thinking of what to's been too long, too many stories to share...
suffice to say, my life has been turned 360 degrees and again..nak citer sumer panjang sangat kot!

anyways, to summarize what's been going on in my life since April..pls refer below:

May: I joined GEMS Programme under KNB & MOF...
started end of April. Went up there in Genting, had fun fun fun, learned new things, better myself. Went down things blew to thousand's pick up the pieces..patch back as close to the original artwork and move on....[senangnye saye berkata2 experience those things...*sigh* susah wooo]

June: GEMS ended. Got posted at Telekom. Everything is new, totally different. But a good experience. Got challenged to do better, learning new things everyday. A good distraction to an otherwise a heartaching/heartbreaking life [tapi xde la all the time...ade pasang surut nye..huuu~]

July: Yup, still here @ TM. Remembered the 1st 2 months here adalah sgt bowhsan...saye menghabeskan most of my day time surfing the net, and emailings..keje office cume keje2 bodow je...night time is when the past and problems caught up to me...bgn every morning at 4.30am and tossed and turned until 6.30am..siap2 nak gi keje...that was no way to live la...heee [present time still ade lagi tapi dah adapt to how to handle them..huuu~] and owh, my Jakarta-Bandung trip [planned from Feb tuuuu]...too scared to ask for leave since baru like 2 weeks started, i pretended i had a fever, took MC...flew there...had a blast...and came back...the most far away and exciting weekend trip ever! i loike!! heee

August: Is the month where the game begins. Had to take over my colleague's workload...fuh! mindblowing tuuuu...he got promoted and transferred to Menara TM. So, i'm in charged of the commercial projects under this depts. [mind you, sgt byk okeh...around 13 minor ones, 1 major one and a few yet to come]...but taking it one day at a time...still going strong...heee [tapi sakit every month...adehhh la]

September: Bulan most fave month of the year. This is when I am mostly at peace. Walaupun kena upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) which caused me to missed fast on the 1st day of puasa tapi alhamdulillah, saye cume missed that one day of ramadhan je...menstrual came late that month...heee [perlu ke nak bgtau kan hahaha]

October: Raya! yeay! cuti panjang...1 whole week...this year sgt happening [tatau la nape...padahal benda yg same je dibuat every year hehe] tapi somehow the feelings of celebrating raya this year was totally different. It felt like I'm more connected to my family..the whole bunch of them and saye sangat suke! ;) I'm more open to communication, i mean i'm able to communicate better with the aunties and uncles...pandai dah nak men'W'kan statement2 yg i xsuke...and not to take things personally...i also feel like i'm now more open to touchy feely stuff...and public show of affection *wink* whatever la farina nih...hahaha

November: hmmm saye buat ape yea Nov...biase2 je kot...learning my way tru works..juggling this and that...personal life xyah tanye la...sgt haywire...hahahaahahaa

December: saye suke sbb bulan yg meriah! Xmas and new year is coming..Salam Maal Hijrah to all...may the new year brings blessings, loves, peace and joy to everbody. I'd like to quote one text message i got [courtesy of Aunty Fina & Uncle Syed]....really deep and meaningful [kalah my maal hijrah wish]...lets ponder together shall we:

Sometimes, Allah breaks our spirit to save our soul.
He breaks our heart to make us whole.
He sends us pain so we can be stronger.
He sends us failure so we can be humble.
He sends us illness so we can take care of ourselves.
Sometimes, Allah takes everything away from us, so we can learn the value of everything He gave us.
Allah is Almighty.

Ok...thats all for now. Chow chow

Pwincess =D

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Menu Hari Itu

Just wanna say out loud that pada hari Isnin yang lepas saye telah memasak lauk Ikan masak Asam Pedas yang sangat SEDAP!!!! First time in my life [and errr..hopefully not the last time ;) ]Same macam masakan emak saye...saye BANGGA! Maceh..

Next stage...masak ari2 sampai boleh sedap mcm arwah nenek huhuhu my best friend wawa dah volunteer jadi guinea pig Muahahahah makanla kau wawa sampai kembung!

I was so proud i wanted to take a pic of the dish tapi daddy was so hungry he ate it first...sabar je la...dah x time boleh amek gambar hehehe

nyway, nak cakap itu je...

and oh lupe lagi satu...last sunday pegi rumah my bf's mother...anak kucing die sangat sangat SANGAT la comel nak mampos. I took a video tapi gelap...malas nak soh bukak lampu sbb aizat tengah bercanda di bawah cahaya lampu swimming pool =D je la yg dapat dorang Snow...M...yg lagi sekor tu rasenye K kot (muahahaha pakai bedal je) xpe nnti i amek gmbr yg clear, dan pose..


Friday, March 27, 2009

Sabbatical anyone?

On sabbatical.

That's how I feel like on sabbatical...just relax, learn new things like sewing (hmmm ade patience ke?), swimming (sumthing i need to learn many years ago..floating je reti *sigh*), travelling (badly needed) etc etc...but dun have the luxury to do that...maybe someday...WHEN i'm filthy rich and burn out from too much work etc etc kot ;)

Anyways, lately sibuk flip wedding mags sebab ade banyak bersepah kat umah ni...nak plan for my wedding rase mcm too early pulak..dun wanna jinx it...tapi macam best je..berangan nak this and that...hehe..

Theme: Modern English

Size: Small and intimate (250 guests...hehe boleh ke?)

Venue: Mosque (nikah & small kenduri je)

Colour: All White, with a tinge of pink, lilac, and maybe even blue (hmmm cantek)

Anyways, bowhring nye ari ni...tatau nak buat ape besides daydreaming...was browsing thru facebook tadi...seronoknye tengok other people enjoing their jobs...wondering when yours truly will be bestowed with that kind of blessing...uurrgghh depressed! time will come..someday..insyaAllah..okay, moving on..

Lemme tell you about that interview I had recently...with the GM of Human Resource in that company...lady boss..very sophisticated. Age is hard to guess..sbb die heavy smoker...the first thing i saw when i went inside the room is the family pictures lining up neatly on the cupboards and then..the ashtray...ade about 4-5 cigarette butts...baru pukul 10.30am babe...anyways after asking me some questions while lighting up a cigarette, she took a phone call from some Dato' so i took that chance to look around and to check her out hehehe (suke tgk die)...hard to hazard a guess on her frm the baby pic on her desk (xkan anak die kot kan.hmm..) i would say coming to her 50s...overseas graduate maybe (speak with a tinge of accent)..obsessive-compulsive (sbb die asik la nak betulkan susunan barang atas meja) extra attention to details (from the arrangement of her photo frames, documents, her slick hairstyle, polished nails, etc), family oriented, workaholic (from the half finished tray of Diet Coke and one opened can that she sipped every few minutes..recipe for disaster *shivers*), have a firm standpoint (from the teleconv) a way she reminds me of my ex boss, Mr H...ahhh rindunye the good (and bad..) ol' days! Lets not go down memory lane.

Lets talk about this great singer instead, Aizat. I went to see my bf recently, bapak die sibuk soh we all dengar lagu baru Aizat, which i have yet to listen...SANGAT BEST ok...titled "Pergi" i've been informed it is the BM version of ori. song called "I Go"..check it out kat youtube...mak die ade post...dun forget to buy the new album okies (tp...i xtau kuar bile)'s bound to blow you away...chewah! (ayat nak jadi menantu uncle amdan..hehehe)

Okayla...enuf with the ramblings...sebenarnye xtau ape nak tulis...saje nak update gak sbb dah lame xupdate...bile start keje baru tu xde mase nak bersocial ;p now baru boleh.

Till my next posting...ohh nanti i update some of the pixxies from my sis' wedding yea...have a great day!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sprained ankle

Huhuhu sakit wooo

Citernye begini...

The day before i fell down the sibuk gelakkan si Lee, mamat sales ni jatuh tangga sebab die excited sgt nak cuti haaaiii jatuh flat on his face. Die jatuh lawak gile....and me & wati happened to stand at the top of the stairs when he fell. Ape lagi bantai gelak la..

The next day, wati ajak lunch @ this halal chinese restaurant @ MPAJ. Dah lapar + excited cepat2 la kemas barang and Awal mintak beli index cards for him. As I walked down the stairs I sibuk isi the sample of index card dalam bag tiba2....jeng...jeng....jeng.....terslipped sbb tangga tu tiles die licin. Prapppppppp bunyi....terlipat my right ankle (mcm duduk tahiyat akhir tuuu...) and my fat ass pun hempap la ankle...immediately rase bengkak tu naik...tuuuu diaaaa...then ade hati pulak nak black out...sabar je la...i cepat2 duduk diam2...dah la malu jatuh tangga...xkan nak pengsan jugak kot...

Anyways, it's been 3 days and the ankle is getting more swollen. Pegi Xray tadi xde fracture..alhamdulillah...doc bagi cold gel and bandage...tunggu another 2 days, if it got worse then I have to see Orthopedic la jawabnye...might be a torn ligament...uhhhh sakittttt...

Moral of the story: Jgn gelakkan orang no matter how unintentional you rase. muahahaha. Tuhan bayar cash. Sakit woooo...