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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Luncheon: Indian Food @ Bangsar

Hari Ini Hari Selasa 02/03/2010. Saye telah 'menerai' Indian Vegetarian Food for the 1st time in my life.

Venue: Saravan Bhavan @ Jalan Telawi, Bangsar.
Result: Very gasy! fuhhhh~ angin kluar dr badan berdesus2...muahahaa hebat tol penangan makanan dorang nih...

I find that Indian vegetarian food is not my cup of tea...xminat sgt tasted funny in the mouth and tummy...i ordered a plate of Mushroom Briyani that comes together with the dish called "baingan bartha"...some sort of weird looking curry...sgt pekat okeh..and saye xsuke..huhuuu~ so, i curik siket some of Filzah's curry consists of cottage cheese and some Indian spices...haaaa seb baek yg ini sedap...i was able to finish my dish tapi alaaahaaaiii dugaan betol...huhuuu~

Fiza and most of my colleagues ordered Saravana specialties and Banana Leaf dish which was served on curry leaf...gile traditional babe! heeee their dishes consist of various lauk pauk in small quantity...tapi sume mcm pelik2...muahaha and they also taste funny lah...and not only that...air die pun ade yg pelik2...haha adehhh laaa tak minat saye..huhuuu~ i dunno..some people might like them tapi definitely not for me.

Anyways, attached are some pics for your viewing...heee

The restaurant [sorry lupe nak amek gmbr luar die..]

The various types of menu:
Yg ni Great Wall...chinese vegetarian food...tiba2 menyelit kat Indian restaurant...1 Malaysia la kot..hee

Sebut betul betulllll...hahaha

Here's the funny one...lawak2 heee dosa makan nih..

Ni rupenye...terbalik plak...nak tengok kena pusingkan PC ye..

Posing with Fiza's order heee meriah kannnn [tapi xseeedaappp huuu~]

Tuan punye makanan...heee

ok...this is mine...huhuuu bland kan...

Drinking from cawan sakti...hahaha i suke tengok cawan die..menareksss!

Air yg sgt die hape ntah..badam gheer kot...badam yg di blend+rase ginger...errrkkkhhh...even weirder than my ex colleague's June's grass drink yg bau die sebijik mcm rumput lepas potong..haha

yg ni pun pelik gilosss rase die...Masala Tea...rase the tanginess of fresh cow's milk...erkkkhhhh!!

Conclusion: The 1st and the last time la saye makan benda2 pelik offense to those who are into this type of food yeah...xsesuwai dgn selera tekak saye *bbbuuuurrrpppppp* huhuuu~

Till my next post on Jalan2 Cari Makan :) daaaa~

~ Pwincess ~


  1. erkkk.... sngat pelik makanan awak tuhhh... xterbukak selera saya..(padahal da kenyang da nih..hehe)

    so xleh arr kite nk makan2 kt sini ek.. huu.. jom flaming..

  2. ye en chaz...xyah la nak makan kat, makanan pelik saye berharga rm22.50 okeh...huhuuu~